Silverwing Novel Studies

Silverwing Anniversary Edition Novel Study
The Silverwing Guide is structured around the latest in current teaching pedagogy. It contains graphic organizers, information studies activities, critical literacy opportunities, challenging and diverse reading comprehension questions, writing tasks that use the six traits of writing, and even reading response journal prompts. Each chapter has three or four questions and an activity, as well as chapter-specific rubrics that assess reading, writing, oral communication, and media literacy expectations (based on the revised Ontario Language Arts Curriculum [2006]). Teachers will find everything they need to enrich their students’ experience with the text. Created by Martha Martin.

Silverwing Novel Study

Vocabulary and discussion questions for each chapter of Silverwing. Created by Laura Litster for Grade 3 -6 use.

Silverwing Webbing Unit

Guided reading questions for every chapter of Silverwing, as well as sections on: literary awareness, values clarification, considering alternatives, writing, personal response, and art. Created by Carol Thiessen.