Media Appearences

Links to other interviews and information the author and the books:

CBC Books

Kenneth Oppel is asked questions by Canadian authors for the CBC Magic 8 Q&A. (April 2015)

Quill & Quire

A cover story about Oppel's new book The Boundless. (March 2014)

Huffington Post

An article by Kenneth Oppel on the process of writing Half Brother. (May 2011)

Toronto Star

Children's book columnist Deirdre Baker profiles Oppel after he won the Vicky Metcalf Children's Literature Award for body of work. (March 2007)

Globe and Mail

A Q&A with Kenneth Oppel shortly after The Boundless was released. (June 2014)

National Post

In conversation with Kenneth Oppel about writing This Dark Endeavour. (September 2011) 

The Times (London)

An interview with Kenneth Oppel on the UK release of Starclimber. (May 2009)


A profile of Kenneth Oppel and Skybreaker (December 2005)

Ottawa Citizen

A newspaper article reports Oppel's win of the 2004 Governor General's Award for Airborn. (November 2004)


An interview about Kenneth Oppel’s Great Canadian Train Tour for The Boundless. (April 2014)

Toronto Star

An interview with Kenneth Oppel on the release of This Dark Endeavour: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein. (September 2011).

Globe and Mail

A profile of Kenneth Oppel and his latest children's novel Darkwing. (May 2008)

Toronto Star

A newspaper cover story of Kenneth Oppel, just before he won the 2004 Governor General's Litereray Award for AIRBORN (November 2004).