EHT - - The Guardian (UK)

"This breakneck palaeontological a fascinating, fast-paced, rich and provocative novel. Neither palaeontology nor romance is slow or sedate in Every Hidden Thing. There is a great deal packed into this book beside the breathless contest at its heart. It might be a whirlwind romance, but there is no sense of a fairytale ending, and a strong but nuanced vein of feminism runs throughout. Rachel is a credible, determined, enforcedly self-focused character: a heroine in the mould of Frances Hardinge’s Faith, in the Costa-winning The Lie Tree. This is a warts-and-all novel, more Deadwood than Rawhide.... it brings the thrill of discovery, first love and a nail-biting chase vividly alive in this dinosaur adventure emphatically for older readers."

-- The Guardian (UK)

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