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Airborn Novel Studies

Airborn Literature Unit for Grades 6-9
Written by experienced teacher and librarian Martha Martin, this comprehensive 120-page literature unit contains student-tested materials and rubrics for each chapter of the novel. In addition, there are graphic organizers (Venn Diagrams, charts, diagrams, etc.) that students use or create themselves; emphasis on the "3 R's" of "Retelling, Relating, and Reflecting," including some introductory activities that mimic each of these steps; discussion activities that promote the format of Literature Circles, especially when accompanied by the 3R's; creative and interesting process writing projects with their own rubrics; pre-Reading and Post-Reading Activities; questions that introduce the classic literary themes and conflicts; activities and questions that respect Bloom's Taxonomy, multiple intelligences and varied learning styles; and a range of Information Literacy activities using the Internet and the Ontario School Library Association's Information Studies guidelines. The format follows that of the EQAO's standardized tests, and reflects current curricula.

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Skybreaker Novel Studies

Skybreaker Literature Unit for Grades 6-9
The Skybreaker Guide is a comprehensive learning package for students in grades 6-10. It contains student-tested materials and is set up in the same way as the Airborn Guide. Students will experience graphic organizers, activities that mimic the 3 R’s of literature circles, information studies tasks that make use of the Internet and research skills, critical literacy projects, writing activities that are fun and varied, and even some cross-curricular projects. Teachers will enjoy the rubrics provided for each task, as well as the chance to give students practice with standardized test formats. Written by experienced teacher and librarian Martha Martin.

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